At age 2, Allison was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Two years later, she began attending the family swimming program at Easter Seals. The program provided Allison with the exercise she needed to increase her range of motion and relax her muscles.

At 14, Allison wanted to create a place where all children, those with disabilities and those without, could play together, side by side. She was asked to serve as the youngest member of the advisory board for her local children’s park. When her role as design consultant for one of the first fully accessible parks for children with disabilities ended, she thanked a pool of more than 4,000 people for helping to make her dream a reality.

The Easter Seal Society is proud of the role that its services played in helping Allison to develop her greatest potential. But more than that, the Easter Seal Society is proud that Allison has already started giving back to her community.