// Tuesday, April 2, 7:00-8:00PM

VIP Reception at the Grand Hyatt. Light appetizers and drinks. By invite only.

// Wednesday, April 3, 7:30AM-7:00PM

Opening Keynote
Dan Heath – Co-author of Switch, Made to Stick, and Decisive, columnist for Fast Company magazine
Join Dan as he draws on extensive studies, stories and research while offering specific, practical tools that can help us make better decisions and create engaging corporate citizenship programs.

Why it Matters Today!

Bill Novelli – Georgetown University, AARP
We live in trying times that call for transformative solutions to the world’s huge social and environmental challenges. All sectors — business, government and civil society — must work together to achieve lasting solutions. We have work to do — including the great goal of training tomorrow’s leaders to create both social and economic value.
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Adam Grant – Associate Professor of Management, Wharton
Giving Commitment: Employees support programs and the prosocial sensemaking process. Adam will provide insight into the science behind why workplace giving and volunteering creates stronger employee loyalty than any other HR benefits.
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Kevin Espirito – Senior Manager, Community Engagement at Microsoft Community Affairs
What does it take to build a world class giving program at your company? Kevin will share key insights as to how he helped Microsoft give over 1 billion dollars in just 20 years.
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What Matters to the World!

William Kennedy – Senior Programme Office at United Nations Fund for International Partnerships
Learn more about the key role that business and markets play in advancing global development and humanitarian goals and hear about specific UN-corporate partnerships that prove these partnerships matter to the world.
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Experience Lab

CorpsGiving and World Vision – Group Volunteering Experience Lab
Gain new insight into the importance of team-building while volunteering. Take part in an impactful hands-on volunteering experience and a small group critical reflection facilitation by CorpsGiving and World Vision.

Summit Reception

Reception at the Grand Hyatt. Light appetizers and cash bar.
All attendees are invited.

// Thursday, April 4, 7:30AM-4:30PM

Make it Matter Tomorrow!

Sharon Jackson – Founder and Director at European Sustainability Academy and Faculty member of the Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility
A company’s managers act as gatekeepers to the effectiveness of any CSR initiative. Sharon will show us how we can help managers make sense of CSR from a business perspective.
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Gretchen Korf – UnitedHealth Group
Join us as Gretchen discusses using technology to engage employees in workplace giving.
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Experience Lab

Realized Worth and Sparked – Micro-Volunteering Experience Lab
Experience micro-volunteering from a fresh perspective and explore the application to your company in small group critical reflection during this lab facilitated by Realized Worth.

Panel Discussions and Working Groups
Participants of the 2013 Summit will be invited to contribute to one of three topic-specific Working Groups. The three topics for this year’s Summit are a) Disaster Relief, b) International Engagement, and c) Workplace Giving. The groups will convene on the second day of the Summit to address the obstacles, solutions and long term goals within each topic. A panel of experts will begin the session by framing a ‘big picture’ for the topic. Groups will then be guided through a process of sharing insights, exploring the assets within each network and outlining the steps that could be taken to overcome barriers, implement solutions and further the ability of corporations to effectively engage employees in each area.

Closing Keynote

Ron Adner – Author of The Wide Lens and Professor, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
Ron will share his insights on how to develop working partnerships that enable CSR managers to realize the impact of effective workplace giving and volunteer programs.

// The Full Agenda

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