girl syria with logoMillions of Syrian children are suffering as a result of a horrific conflict — one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time — which is now stretching into its third year. Two million people have fled to neighboring countries, but many more remain in dire need of assistance.

Nour* is only four years old, but has already seen the hardships life can bring. She and her family spent several months eking out an existence in a disused industrial building in Lebanon near the Syrian border. They were stuck in a town under siege, living in fear and surviving on a little bread and tea for weeks. They finally chose to take the risk of fleeing the area when their supplies ran out and Nour’s baby sister, Maya*, became malnourished.

Global Impact charity partner Save the Children is on the ground helping to keep children like Nour and Maya safe, providing the basics they need, like food and blankets and offering programs to help them cope with tragedy.

When the Nour’s family escaped and found help from Save the Children, Nour’s mother explained that certain groups began controlling the meager supplies and charging extortionate amounts for what was available.

Thousands of children and their families continue to stream into neighboring countries. Most of those who’ve escaped are living in makeshift shelters, unsuitable buildings or in overcrowded camps, amid growing shortages of food, medicine and water.

Save the Children is helping children recover from their experiences within Syria and across the region, to make sure they can access education and to ensure that families have the basic necessities they need to survive — including healthcare, warm clothes, nutritious food and shelter materials.

* Names have been changed to protect identities.