How to Engage Employees and Boost Global Citizenship Through Curated High Impact Funds, by Global Impact


In which parts of the world does your company operate or have impact? Where do your employees live? Consider investing in the needs of these areas to boost global citizenship and expand your regional footprint by incorporating these funds in your employee giving strategies. Regional High Impact Funds can be used as a stand‑alone opportunity or incorporated into employee giving campaigns at no cost to your company. They offer a focused, turnkey solution to enhance CSR efforts, engage with charities and foster employee engagement.


Donors are increasingly more likely to give to issues or causes that they are passionate about, rather than remaining loyal to a single charity. Strategically aligning with this trend, Global Impact created a suite of High Impact Funds to serve the interests of donors and offer corporate partners with a unique opportunity for their CSR strategies.


Each fund brings together respected charities working directly on key themes, like hunger and education, or in geographic regions, like Africa and the Middle East, to help the world’s most vulnerable people. These funds provide individuals with a powerful option to maximize the effectiveness of their donations and give corporations a simple way to engage in key humanitarian issues and geographic areas.


As the globalization movement continues and companies find themselves with an increasingly global workforce, the need and desire to support particular regions is becoming more important than ever. Corporations want to invest in the areas where their employees live and work, and individuals want to support their fellow team members. Global Impact’s regional High Impact Funds provide an opportunity to cultivate this interest in particular geographies and offer a curated list of organizations that are effective in those regions.

  • The Global Impact Africa Fund provides critical support and humanitarian assistance to those living in this region. It brings together Africare, Amref Health Africa, World Bicycle Relief and Partners in Health.
  • The Global Impact Asia-Pacific Fund offers support for economic and social growth for the people of this region. It brings together American Himalayan Foundation, ChildFund International, Helen Keller International and MAP International.
  • The Global Impact Europe Fund focuses on stabilizing and supporting vulnerable people in this region. It brings together FINCA International, SOS Children’s Villages – USA and HIAS.
  • The Global Impact Latin America and the Caribbean Fund works to relieve chronic poverty by providing solutions to eradicate economic instability. It brings together Pan American Development Foundation, Project HOPE, Rise Against Hunger and SEE International.
  • The Global Impact Middle East Fund meets the development and humanitarian needs of those in this region. It brings together American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA), Humanity & Inclusion and Refugees International.
  • The Global Impact North America Fund helps to increase food security and support economic development in this region. It brings together Direct Relief, Habitat for Humanity, International Relief Teams and Save the Children.


Working in countries all over the world, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a prime example of how to incorporate High Impact Funds into employee engagement strategies. Recently, an employee at the IMF wanted to raise funds to fight poverty in Africa by tackling one of the world’s toughest running races, the “Marathon des Sables” (MdS)—a course of more than 150 miles (254 kilometers) in the Sahara Desert in southern Morocco. IMF leadership encouraged employees to support their colleague and worked with Global Impact to feature and promote the Africa Fund on their workplace giving platform and through internal communications.


If you’re interested in learning more about the regional or thematic High Impact Funds as part of your employee engagement strategy, please reach out to Joseph Mettimano at