Challenges of global CSR – and how to overcome them with Global Impact
Brittany Mattfeld, Senior Director of Campaign Engagement, Global Impact

From employees to customers, stakeholders are increasingly drawn to organizations that place an emphasis on sustainable development through economic, social and environmental initiatives. As your organization seeks to scale its philanthropic strategies at local and global levels, it is increasingly vital to understand and plan for engagement based on industry trends and challenges.

What stands in the way of developing a global corporate social responsibility strategy? Often companies don’t know where to start and lack the local knowledge of each country to design and implement a global strategy. Global Impact can help your organization overcome these obstacles and achieve your CSR goals. We specialize in bridging the gap to address local needs while crafting a global framework for companies’ CSR and employee engagement strategies. In 2018, Global Impact embarked on the first of its kind research endeavor to expand the resources available to understand the philanthropic complexities of varied tax laws in 60 countries across North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The Giving Global Matrix, highlights several nuances to country tax laws including whether deductions are offered or if restrictions are placed on what is considered a charitable donation. It provides an overall assessment of and greater understanding of the cultural differences in giving around the world.

How can the Giving Global Matrix help you assess your global program?

  • Do all global employees have access to the tax benefit of their residing country though your giving program?

Developing a greater understanding of your company’s global locations will help to identify any necessary adjustments to the giving program offered to employees. Global Impact works with many partners across the globe to offer solutions focused on addressing this challenge and has global registrations in the U.K., Canada, Vietnam and Australia.

  • Do you have a team in place that advises you on the local needs and office cultures within each country?

This is vital to the implementation of a global program. For clients, Global Impact has conducted community needs assessments in multiple target markets that determine opportunities for social impact and employee engagement. These findings help inform strategy and a global framework that can engage and empower local leaders. 

  • Do you have the right partners in place to support a global program?

In order to maximize impact, the local need must align with your company’s CSR objectives. To achieve this, a broader global framework is often necessary to fully capture and report on your philanthropic efforts around the world. Though Global Impact’s alliance of over 100 international development charities and our 60-year history in the sector, we are in a unique position to best support and identify impactful partners for your CSR initiatives.


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