Charities@Work Partners

Charities@Work is an alliance of four nonprofit organizations – Community Health Charities, EarthShare and Global Impact – that collectively represent more than 2,500 of the most respected and effective international, national and local nonprofits. These three networks exist to facilitate interaction and partnerships between nonprofits, companies and their employees for meaningful outcomes and impact for all parties.

Charities@Work bridges the corporate and nonprofit sectors in order to achieve greater social impact.

The members of Charities@Work™ include:

Community Health Charities

For more than 65 years, Community Health Charities (CHC) has been creating stronger, healthier communities. We build capacity for nonprofits by raising awareness, amplifying their message, and driving more funds and supporters to their cause; increase employee engagement and social impact for companies through giving, volunteering, health resources, engagement tools, community partnerships, and more; bring leaders together at the national, regional, and local levels to educate, elevate key issues, and improve overall social impact and community health; build community partnerships to harness collective efforts and coalitions; working together to tackle projects that improve community health and address root causes at scale.


EarthShare is a federation of local, national and international environmental and conservation charities that works in all 50 states and overseas to protect human health and the environment through their efforts to eliminate air, water, and toxic pollution; to preserve the world’s natural resources and wildlife; and to expand recreational and educational opportunities for all.

Global Impact

Global Impact represents U.S. based international and relief agencies, which work in virtually every developing country in the world. Global Impact members alleviate hunger, poverty and the hardships caused by war and famine through programs that transition individuals to self-sufficiency.

Representing and Serving Nonprofits in Employee Engagement Campaigns

Each of our organizations serves a discrete membership of nonprofits, many of which serve on our respective boards. Our contractual responsibility to our nonprofits is to serve as their authorized, official representative in all aspects of employee giving campaigns in the private sector, as well as the Combined Federal Campaign and state/local campaigns. Our services for our members include:

  • Campaign registration & profile management
  • Strategy development
  • Marketing
  • Event representation
  • Employee engagement programs
  • Data collection and processing
  • Donation processing and aggregation

Our members rely upon these services because it is the most efficient and cost effective way for them to engage hundreds of employee giving campaigns nationwide. As a result, their funding is used more efficiently, which increases the impact of every contribution made through an employee giving campaign.

Collecting donation data for our members has been a core function for nearly 60 years. Aggregating data from hundreds of workplaces across the country better equips nonprofits to gain a full picture of their employee giving performance, ensures donors receive acknowledgments, and is critical in developing budgets for the upcoming year. Each organization serves as a “one-stop shop” for its respective nonprofits for all aspects of employee giving, including pledge and donor information.

Employee giving and engagement matters. Contact any of the partners at the core of Charities@Work to get started.