Campaign Benefits

// Benefits of an Expanded Campaign

Workplace giving is a highly valued tradition offering benefits to employers, employees, nonprofit organizations and the people they help. It is one of the most significant resources employers offer to address community needs. Each year more than $4 billion is raised through this workplace activity.

Employers Benefit

  • Enhances company’s overall employee involvement program.
  • Improves corporate image in the community and among key stakeholders.

Employees Benefit

  • Provides personal satisfaction from helping others and supporting causes that are important to them.
  • Affords opportunity to learn about organizations serving the community.
  • Offers the ease and convenience of payroll deduction.

Charities Benefit

  • Facilitates one of the highest yielding, lowest cost methods of fund raising.
  • Accesses new donors and volunteers.

Communities Benefit

  • Directs important resources to those who need them.
  • Keeps vital services available.