Employee Giving

// Importance in Workplace

Workplace giving is one of the greatest resources employers can offer to address social concerns.

  • Employees, growing accustomed to increased workplace and consumer options, want more
    freedom to control their charitable contribution activities.
  • More companies are taking ownership of and designing programs to meet their unique needs in
    response to their employees’ interests.
  • Current research indicates that employees believe their current campaign dos not support issues
    relevant to them.
  • Companies are becoming increasingly concerned with the cost and time involved in conducting an
    effective workplace giving program.
  • Employee interest and participation in workplace giving campaigns is declining. Only 35 percent
    of employees at companies with campaigns now give, compared to 47 percent a decade ago.
  • Research shows that younger employees are not as likely to give through the traditional campaign.
  • More than 60 percent of the Fortune 500 companies now include organizations in addition to
    United Way as part of their workplace giving program.

// Why Giving Makes Sense

Providing more choice in workplace campaigns means greater employee participation and satisfaction, as well as achieving – or exceeding campaign goals. A study of leading companies found that employee participation increased when organizations in addition to United Way are included in the campaign.

Check out these models of success:

At Sears, more choices were added and total giving has gone up 29 percent since the new campaign was introduced in 1995. Employee participation has also increased with the introduction of additional charitable choices.
The Combined Municipal Campaign (CMC) in the City of Houston is one of the fastest growing public sector campaigns in the country. Participation has increased from about 25 percent in 1994 to 38 percent in 1999 while contributions have increased over 200 percent.
Pitney Bowes gave ownership of the campaign to its employees and added additional charities. Giving increased 7 percent the first year of the new campaign.
The employee workplace campaign is a key component of the corporate philanthropic program at Dell. Executive and employee giving represent the fastest growing segment of giving. Participation has increased from 10 to 45 percent and total giving has grown to more than $2.7 million.