Why I Attend Charities@Work Every Year and You Should Too
Jerome Tennille, Manager of Volunteerism at Marriott International

In what’s being defined as the Purpose-Driven Era, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is taking center stage in ways not seen before. This is due in part by society’s demand to see a more purpose led business model, but also by the great need that exists in communities worldwide. Regardless, the increased demand requires an equal thirst to innovate and adjust strategy accordingly. I think it’s safe to say that the strategy and perspective once embraced some decades ago is now obsolete.  As society changes so must our goals and the tactics to achieve them. It’s at conferences like the Charities@Work Summit where CSR professionals get equipped with new approaches to serving the community and solving some of the world’s most pressing issues.

But, what if while attending one of these conferences it was suggested that to better achieve greater impact through your CSR programming you should eliminate your day of service. Or that t-shirts were no longer necessary (or sustainable for that matter) for your volunteer projects. What if a presenter or a panelist suggested that traditional funding models were broken, and rather than purely funding programs you must be open to funding overhead expenses. Would you embrace that or would that challenge your perspective? These are the types of ideas that you’re sure to hear at the Charities@Work Summit this June in New York, New York. More specifically from CSR professionals like myself who have a non-profit background.

I believe if you’re not being challenged than you’re not growing. So, if those ideas make the hair on the back of your neck stand up then I’d urge you to attend. Not just because these ideas may run counter to popular belief, but because you’ll have the opportunity to hear the reasons why and determine if this is a good fit for your company. Not only are you sure to be challenged, but you’ll hear the rationale on why some of these practices and initiatives can sometimes perpetuate the behaviors we’re seeking to eliminate. These are the very reasons – including the fact that the Charities@Work Summit is rich with diverse thought – that I attend and will continue doing so. So, If you’re looking for transformative ideas that challenge the status quo while inspiring you with ideas and tools not previously considered then this is the conference for you.